Suncoast Chlorine Tablets dissolve slowly, but completely, to maintain proper free available chlorine levels necessary for keeping swimming pools healthy. These stabilized jumbo chlorine tablets provide 90% available chlorine.

Pinch A Penny provides the highest-quality 3" chlorine tablets at the lowest prices! Easy to use and budget-friendly, these 3-inch chlorine tabs:
  • Are extremely effective in all types of swimming pools, including Intex above ground pools, other types of above ground pools, and all types of inground pools.
  • Are perfect for floating chlorinators and automatic chlorine feeders
  • Contain 99% active ingredient (Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione), 90% available chlorine (trichlor)
  • Are slow-dissolving, stabilized chlorinating tabs
  • Are UV-protected for extended chlorine life
  • Offer easy maintenance - place one or two chlorine tablets in a pool chlorinator each week