Spa Skimmer Net Fine Mesh


Place Pool Cove around the bottom circumference of your above ground swimming pool before installing your new pool liner. Pool Cove will help protect your liner from being pinched by the wall. It installs in minutes and helps extend the life of your pool!

Pool Cove fills the gap at the pool's base to eliminate excessive stretching of your pool liner, which can damage the liner.

Easy to install - just peel and place.

Eliminates the need to build sand or dirt pool coves and won't create a mess or wash away like sand or dirt coves.

How Much Pool Cove Do I Need?  
Above Ground Pool Size -Number of 4' Lengths Needed:   
12' Round 10 Lengths   
15' Round 12 Lengths   
18' Round 15 Lengths   
24' Round 19 Lengths   
27' Round 22 Lengths   
15 x 30 Oval 20 Lengths   
16 x 32 Oval 21 Lengths   
18 x 33 Oval 22 Lengths