Algae-Bugger II Filter Cartridge Brush


Algae Bugger II is indispensable! Great for cleaning sand and DE filters as well as cartridge filters. Simply attach Algae Bugger II to a garden hose and it will blast scum lines to oblivion. Algae Bugger II reaches the deepest pores and works on concrete, vinyl, acrylic, fiberglass and tile. Perfect for around step areas and in corners. Algae Bugger II features a convenient on/off switch located on the handle.


  • High-Pressure Scour Power goes where brushes can't
  • Blasts algae, dirt, and slime from the deepest pores
  • Ideal for corners, steps, scum lines and deck areas
  • Great for cleaning sand and DE filters plus cartridge filters
  • Water-aided cleaning brush included
  • Hundreds of other uses!!!
  • Attaches easily to garden hose
  • Shut-off valve for easy control
  • Can be tied or taped to telescopic pole for deep tile
  • Caution, high-pressure water jet