AquaChek MPS 3 Way Monopersulfate Pool Water Test Strips


Just dip an AquaChek Monopersulfate strip in your pool or spa water for fifteen seconds and you will get test results in minutes! An ideal level of monopersulfate oxidizes contaminants and allows immediate water use. These 3-way pool water test strips also check pH and alkalinity.

These pool water test strips come in an ergonomically-designed easy-grip bottle with a flip-top closure and a strip dispenser that efficiently dispenses just one strip at a time.

HACH Company is a recognized leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative chemical testing systems around the world. Their FDA-registered manufacturing facility produces tests for the medical industry, and that exacting quality and product integrity are the cornerstones for all their chemical testing systems. HACH has earned the internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification for following strict quality standards and rigorous testing procedures. They offer pool water tests that are fast, easy, and above all, accurate.