Amerlite SS 100w 12v 50' Cord


The EasyTouch wireless remote control panel gives you the freedom to control your pool and spa daily operations from around your pool and spa area. The wireless device can operate up to 300 feet from the EasyTouch transceiver module which is typically located near the EasyTouch load center. There is enough battery power to operate the whole summer season without changing batteries! You can also reduce power consumption and extend battery life by using the power-saving menu options.

  • Makes it easy for you to control your pool and spa daily operations from around your pool area
  • Lets you create customized schedules for your pool and spa equipment, heat temperatures, and chlorination settings to switch on and off at a set day and time
  • Using the "Pool" and "Spa" buttons allows one-touch control to heat and filter your pool and spa
  • "Egg Timer" feature lets you manually switch on pool equipment, lighting, spa jets, and more and program the system to automatically switch off after a specified time, from one minute to 24 hours
  • Lights screen allows you to manually switch all lights on and off and synchronize colored lights
  • Heat menu setting lets you specify the set point temperature and select the heat source for pool and spa water; the EasyTouch system allows for solar and conventional pool heaters
  • "Once Only" feature allows you to program a circuit to switch on at a particular time and day on a one-time basis; for example, to have the spa and heater switch on before you get home from work for one evening
  • "Freeze Protection" feature switches on all circuits that have been assigned Freeze Protection to stop the pipes from freezing if the outside air temperature sensor detects the temperature is getting close to freezing
  • Water-resistant (not submersible)
  • Designed to be used with the EasyTouch 8 or EasyTouch 4 system
  • EasyTouch automatic system operations can be performed either from the EasyTouch wireless control panel or the outdoor control panel at the pool equipment pad
  • One year limited warranty