Suncoast Granular Di-Chlor, 50 Lb.


This granular chlorine from Pinch A Penny is the freshest chlorine available and is perfect for your swimming pool! Suncoast Granular Chlorine is stabilized against UV rays and dissolves completely to maintain the free available chlorine levels that will keep your pool sparkling-clean and beautiful.

Residue-free and fast-dissolving, Suncoast granular chlorine is easy to use; just broadcast it into your pool as specified in label directions. Guaranteed 99.5% pure; provides 56% available stabilized chlorine. Suncoast granular chlorine:

  • Does not require pre-mixing
  • Dissolves quickly and leaves no residue 
  • Is ideal for above ground pools with its available chlorine level of 55.5% (sodium dichlor)
  • Works efficiently in inground pools too!
  • Comes in a child-resistant, senior-friendly Life Latch bucket