Solus Bromine Spa Kit


Dirt can't escape the jaws of this 'Lil Shark above-ground pool cleaner! This hungry guy will take over your maintenance chores so you can spend more time enjoying the pool. He will be on the prowl, searching out large and small debris. Unlike other automatic pool cleaners, this guy scrubs and vacuums. The unique vortex chamber design has only one moving part, ensuring superior performance and years of reliable service. 

  • Dual band of bristles scrubs dirt while powerful vacuum action whisks it away
  • Cuts a wide 10" path for quick cleaning
  • Exclusive UniDapt telepole adapter allows you to manually direct the pool cleaner to stubborn spots
  • Five adjustable cleaning paths for complete coverage of any size or shape above-ground pool; ideal for flat or dish-bottom, vinyl-lined above-ground pools
  • No assembly required; just hook to hose and go
  • Unique brush ring adjuster controls the shape of the cleaning path and can be fine-tuned to ensure thorough coverage of your pool. A five-position adjuster sets the travel pattern from tight to large circles. 
  • One year limited warranty.