Pentair Legend II Pressure-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner


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The Legend II is a pressure-side pool cleaner that doesn't require a booster pump!

For fast, thorough pool cleaning the energy-efficient way, count on the powerful Legend II inground pool cleaner. This automatic pool cleaner includes a host of patented design features that deliver powerful vacuuming performance and long service life without consuming extra energy. It attaches to your return line and operates during your normal filtration cycle. Features include:

  • Delivers the same cleaning power and performance as the Legend- with no booster pump
  • Simple to install to your return line and easy to operate
  • Cleans most pools in just one to three hours
  • Dual jets create powerful whirlpool and vacuum action for more thorough pool cleaning
  • Front-wheel drive provides maximum traction and better maneuverability on inclined surfaces for thorough coverage of pool bottom and walls
  • Solid 4-wheel design and a wide base prevent tipping for superior stability and reliable, continuous operation
  • 60% larger debris bag captures more dirt, leaves, twigs, and sand. Wider bag opening makes emptying a cinch and the snap-lock bag provides easier cleaning and secure debris containment
  • Built-in backup valve activates every 3.5 minutes to ensure total coverage and avoid hang-ups in steps and corners
  • Recommended for all gunite, vinyl and fiberglass pools
  • An Eco-Select Choice: The Eco-Select brand identifies Pentair's "greenest" and most efficient equipment choices
  • One-year limited warranty