PDA-PS6 AquaLink Control F/ Pool & Spa Combination


AquaLink System Includes:

  • Aqualink PDA 6 system for Pool and Spa Combinations (for use with pool and spa combinations sharing one set of equipment).
  • Wireless PDA Remote
  • 2 Actuator Valves
  • Six 3 HP Relays - System controls pump, heater and 6 Aux functions.

Jandy AquaLink automation systems put control of your entire backyard paradise at your fingertips. Adjust spa temperature, turn on water features and lights, adjust sanitizer generation, and much more, with the touch of a button. AquaLink systems integrate premium design ingenuity, style, and ease of use for the ultimate pool automation experience.

The AquaLink Systems allow you to control individual pool and spa equipment from the convenience of you home and set automated daily routines such as filtration, sanitation and cleaning. The AquaLink PDA-PS6 controls you Pump, Heater and 6 additional functions of your choice such as water features, pool and spa lighting, landscape lighting, solar heater, jets, cleaner and much more.