Polaris 280 Inground Pool Cleaner


The Polaris 280 features innovative auto-reverse technology that enables the cleaner to free itself if it gets stuck!

With versatile and dependable dual jet design, this in-ground pool cleaner features a longer wheelbase that reduces hang-ups in tight areas. The Polaris 280 pool cleaner easily connects to a dedicated pressure line and sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums your inground pool.

Powered by double jets and a separate booster pump, this pressure pool cleaner is suitable for all inground pools. It sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the bottom, walls, and steps of all pool surfaces. It also traps large debris like leaves and pebbles in its own filter bag, resulting in up to 80% fewer filter cleanings.

  • Dual venturi jet design provides strong vacuum power.
  • Large 2 1/4" vacuum inlet.
  • Original shaft drive for reliable power and performance.
  • Ready to connect to 1.5" dedicated pressure cleaner line.
  • Includes 31 ft. of feed hose.
  • Cleans entire pool in around 3 hours

Available with or without required Booster Pump