VGreen 165 Advanced Function User Interface


Product Description

  • Ability to conduct field troubleshooting (i.e., view FAULT codes and real-time operating parameters).
  • Ability to set a pump running schedule based on a real clock setting (i.e., must input actual time which then determines pump start and stop times).
  • Ability to configure prime speed and prime duration. If power is connected to the V-Green 165 motor, pressing any of the following buttons referred to in section 2 could result in the motor starting. Failure to recognize this could result in personal injury or damage to equipment. v 5
  • Ability to configure freeze protection temperature.
  • Ability to view actual speed and power of the V-Green 165 in real time.
  • Ability to adjust the V-Green 165 motor speed in 25 RPM increments (to fine tune flow for certain pool installations).
  • Battery backup to store time setting