BlueSquare Vivid 360 30W LED Spa Light White


• Replacements for pool, spa, and nicheless lighting (also replaces fiber optic)

• Use existing lighting cable and our patented quick-connect fitting in most cases

• Our famous quick-connect fitting makes Vivid360 "the most reliable, service-friendly replacement LED on the market"

• Public and semi-public commercial pool compatible

• Time tested technology and proven reliability

• Adjustable tab system fits most lighting niches including Jandy, Hayward, and Pentair

• Saves pool owners and service professionals time and money with product warranty, durability, and service-friendly design

• Leading pool professionals nationwide have called Vivid 360 "the complete solution for historical problems with nicheless lighting".

• Replaces both 1'-1/2" nicheless lights and fiber optics

• 12-14 volt transformer required for all of our low-voltage lighting.